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Seikoh Giken Automatic Desktop Cleaner Ferrule Pro SPR-2


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  • Actual cleaning time per connector 1.5sec 
  • Realize further productivity improvement and reliable cleaning performance simultaneously.
  • Compatible with all existing Holding Chucks and Cleaning Cassette SPR-10K.


Weight Main unit:2kg, Replaceable cassette:0.5kg
Environment CE/PSE
PowerSupply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Cleaning Media Cleaning paper, Replaceable cassette
Applicable Connector SC/FC/ST/LC/MU connectors and ferrules PC, APC tips
Life pf Cleaning cassette 10.000 times cleaning per cassette
Cleaning time 1.5sec. / connector
Standard set Main unit, cassette, Cleaning Holder(4pcs) choose from list,
AC power cable), Operating Manual


Options for holding chucks

 SPR-H1 Holding Chuck for FC/PC, SC/PC Connector
SPR-H2 Holding Chuck for ST/PC, D2.5mm Ferrule
SPR-H3L Holding Chuck for High Duty LC/PC D1.25mm Ferrule
SPR-H4 Holding Chuck for SC/APC Connector
SPR-H5 Holding Chuck for FC/APC connector
SPR-H6 Holding Chuck for LC/APC connector
SPR-H7 Holding Chuck for MU/APC connector
SPR-H8 Holding Chuck for MT/PC Ferrule
SPR-H9 Holding Chuck for MPO/PC Connector -No Pin
SPR-H11 Holding Chuck for LC/PC Duplex Connector
SPR-H13 Holiding Chuck for E2000 PC
SPR-H14 Holiding Chuck for E2000 APC
SPR-H15 Holding Chuck for Hybrid PC D1.5mm/ 2.5mm Ferrule
SPR-H18 Holding Chuck for MT/APC Ferrule
SPR-H19 Holding Chuck for FerrulePro [Angled-polished MPO connector - no pins