Lint Free Wipes

Connected Fibers offer a range of lint free wipes for field and production use from companies such as Kimberley Clark and Sticklers.


Non woven fiber wipes  4" x 4" - Connectedfibers-Online

Non woven fiber wipes 4" x 4"

Regular price $9.60
Sticklers CleanWipes All Purpose Fiber Optic Cleaning System - Connectedfibers-Online

Sticklers™ MCC-WCS100 Portable Optical Grade Cleaning Wipes

Regular price $22.86
Sticklers MultiTask™ Presaturated Wipes - Connectedfibers-Online

Sticklers MultiTask™ Presaturated Wipes

Regular price $30.00
Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX - CP421 - Connectedfibers-Online

Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX - CP421

Regular price $61.51
Chemtronics Chempad™ - CP400 - Connectedfibers-Online

Chemtronics Chempad™ - CP400

Regular price $34.59