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Sticklers MultiTask™ Presaturated Wipes


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Sticklers MultiTask™ Presaturated Wipes are a mild cleaner  


  • Clean workbenches, machinery, tools, instruments and desktops
  •  Remove dust, fingerprints, industrial grime, metal filings, plastic particulate, soot, exhaust fumes, waterproofing gels, oils, light grease, some inks, lint and fibers


  • 70% high purity  isospropyl alcohol, 30% deionized water mix
  • Mild and skin-safe to use
  • No residue, no rinsing, 100% VOC so it evaporates cleanly
  • ESD-safe
  • No rip, no lint, heavy duty fabric wipe – not paper
  • “Slam-Shut” lid minimizes evaporation and keeps the wipes damp
  • Economical refills eliminate solid waste and help protect the environment – save about a 30% over buying a new tub
  • There are 100, 8″x 5″ presaturated wipes in each tub
  • Non-corrosive, excellent materials compatibility
  • Completely ozone-safe
  • Flammable

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