1Cure-VI Epoxy Curing Oven

Connected Fibers

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The 1Cure-VI has been designed using the latest PID microprocessor technology combined with a highly intuitive programmable user interface. The 1Cure-VI fiber optic curing oven has extremely stable and uniform temperature across all heating locations. Unlike typical analog ovens that have a drift in temperature of ± 15°C, the 1Cure-VI maintains a stable temperature within +/- 0.2°C allowing you to have control of your process.

The range of oven blocks accepts all standard single-fiber connectors and the recently introduced Connected Fibers curing cassettes for the latest compact
series of duplex connectors , MIL termini, and any connector type where it is not possible to crimp before curing. The easily programmable ramp/soak features ensure that the
maximum strength is achieved in bonding the fiber to the ferrule to ensure long term performance when deployed in the field.

Standard blocks supplied are OVB-24. Optional blocks available.

If curing standard 1.25mm or 2.5mm connectors we recommend using Fiber Protection Sleeves.


 Temperature Range (Hot plate temp)  Ambient +5°C to 155°C
Temperature Display Resolution 4 digit / 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity +/-2°C
Temperature Accuracy  /-2°C
Horizontal Curing Position 0° / +15°/ -15°
Vertical Curing Capacity QTY 2  Curing Blocks





Curing Blocks


20 Position for Uniboot LC with metal sleeves 


 24 port Block for use with metal fiber protection sleeves 


Set of 3 curing blocks to hold cassettes for 1Cure oven

Curing Cassettes

Curing Cassettes Ferrule Size Cable Diameter

Number of Ferrules/


CAS-EZF-2 1.25mm 2mm 2 Senko EZ-Flip Connector 2mm
CAS-CS-2 1.25mm 2mm 2 Senko CS Connector 2mm
CAS-SN-1.6 1.25mm 1.6mm 2 Senko SN Connector 1.6mm Cable- Ferrules
CAS-EZF-3 1.25mm 3mm 2  EZ-Flip Connector 3mm
CAS-2F-BC-900-S 2mm 900um 2 2mm ferrule (Canare) 900um shortened 
CAS-1.25-1.6 1.25mm 1.6mm 2  1.25 mm ferrules (extra room for springs)
CAS-2.5-1.7-SW 2.5mm 1.7mm 2 2.5mm ferrule with 3.1mm Spiral Wrap
CAS-2-2.5-1.7 2.5mm 1.7mm 2  2.5mm ferrules with 1.7mm diameter cable 
CAS-LC-2-4.4 LC Assembled 4.4mm 2 Duplex LC with 4.4mm cable management
CAS-4-2.5-900 2.5mm Ferrule (No Hub) 900um 4 2.5mm ferrule no hub 900um fiber


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